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Member Stories
Global Fitness Centers conducted a survey of our members to find out just what they thought about the job we're doing. In addition to answering a series of questions, participants also had the chance to anonymously write about their experiences. Here are a few of those comments. Please remember that all feedback (praise AND constructive criticism) from our customers is welcome and appreciated. Just go to the Contact Page for your particular location to send in your comments.

"Your club is first-rate. I cannot say enough about the friendliness of the staff, and the equipment and the classes are phenomenal. Global beats (my previous club) hands down"

"I'm new to Global but [have] been consistently working out at another gym for 3 years. Your staff seems excellent and the gym and lockers are clean (please keep this up - it's important)"

"...THANK YOU! You have assisted us to enhance our FAMILY'S quality of life. Thank you John B., Jim B., David C. and the other members of the staff."--Byron

"My husband and I both enjoy going to the gym, it has such a friendly atmosphere and staff are always willing to help. It is a very comfortable place to go. I like the fact that they have such a mix of ages, from the young to the seniors. The seniors love it there."

"Before I joined your club I was quite anti-exercise. I was unfamiliar with all the machines and had never dreamed of taking a group fitness class. Dave Cocci taught me how to use the floor machines and encouraged me to take [Ride] and [Power] to suit my particular objectives. I valued (and desperately needed!) his help. I took his advice and haven't looked back. With his assistance, I became comfortable with the floor machines and eventually began to enjoy the group fitness classes as well. As a result of my experiences with Dave, I would suggest some sort of program for all new members to get acquainted with the equipment when they first join. (If one does not exist) It's intimidating and a bit daunting to take on the equipment at first and I believe it would also serve as a safety precaution to have trainers assist new members to ensure proper use of equipment. I greatly appreciate the renovations and improvements that are constantly being made. I admire John and Cathy's hands-on approach to managing the gym as well as their continuous efforts to improve upon member satisfaction with seasonal promotions and misc. activities. They don't seem to take their members for granted after they join; and it's nice to feel welcome as a part of the gym. I might add that I have also used ChildWatch and am very pleased with the price, value and courtesy of that service. Its a well run gym and with the recent renovations, it looks bright and cheerful inside. I have come to value it as a place to shake off outside stresses as I focus on my workouts and mingle with friends. Global inspires a positive and encouraging environment for its members. I value the lifestyle change that evolved as a result of my delight with the club. I have come to exercise regularly and I don't believe that would have occurred if I was left to my own devices. Bottom line: I highly recommend Global Fitness [Center] to anyone interested in improving or maintaining good health and fitness. It's probably the best indulgence that I have ever afforded for myself."


"I love the classes. The instructors are awesome especially Julie. I also loved Karen as a trainer. They both motivate me to come and exercise more often."

"I'm in the best shape I've ever been in my life and it's all because your gym is awesome! This is the first gym that has kept me interested and has made exercising so much fun! The classes are great, the machines are modern, and I really like the mat area where you can stretch or do toning exercises. I also like how your gym is not intimidating. I've never felt out of place or inexperienced. There's something for everyone at every level. But the thing I like the most about your gym is the ChildWatch room. At any other gym I've belonged to, my kids were never happy and I would have to leave classes to get them, etc. I'd eventually stop going to the gym altogether because it would be such a hassle. But Margaret has been amazing with my kids and I know they are being well cared for. They have so much fun that they ask if we can go to the gym even when I'm not planning on it! The one thing I would like to see is a self-defense class added (PLEASE!) and/or more [Kick] classes. Thanks! You guys rock!!!"

"[If I] had to pick 1 thing I love about your club - which is the fantastic classes you offer. I'd like to add that 2nd is the friendly staff - they make you feel welcome and that they do care. That's also very important. I'd also like to add that Margaret, in ChildWatch, is also important because I have to use ChildWatch in order to workout. She's great. I left my last club because they discontinued babysitting."

"I love everything about Global: the hours-the classes-the instructors-the personal training-the equipment-the staff."

"I think that this has been one of the best clubs that I have ever been too. Not joined but been to and I have been to a lot!! I think that the staff...[is] some of the nicest people. There is one person that stands out. I think he is fairly new but he works at Leominster and his name is Nate. I know that he works at the front counter but I dont know if he does anything else. He is just so friendly and always has a smile on. Give him a raise or something. Thanks a bunch!!!!!"

"Global Fitness Leominster is one of the best clubs I have ever been to. The energy I get from the enviroment and staff is simply incredible. I have made incredible gains in the past year from utilizing the personal training, group fitness and awesome cardio line up. Keep up the great work, you help me stay motivated."

"Attending classes is a priority in my workout.  Being a member for 3 months I have noticed a positive attitude of my mind, body and soul."

"I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, that includes, the people at the front desk, the people signing me and my friends up for memberships and the instructors. With the first class I took, I found your gym to be very motivating and fun. I need that because I have been working out for a few years and it can get tedious at times and we all need that little push. I enjoyed the overall cleanliness and cheery atmosphere and the feeling that I am doing something really good for myself the minute I walk in the door. I hope to have a lot of happy days at Global and I hope to keep in the best shape I can."



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September 2, 2016
 Labor  Day Weekend Hours Saturday, September 3rd 7am to 7 pm  Normal Class Schedule Sunday, September 4th 7am to 7 pm (Leominster) 7am to 7 pm (Fitchburg) Normal Morning Class Schedule  
May 27, 2016
Hey members! It is the official start of the summer this weekend!  Here are the hours for Global Fitness Centers, Leominster and Fitchburg. Please note that we are offering use of BOTH locations all weekend regardless of your membership type
April 28, 2016
Hey Members! Launch Weekend has arrived and it is going to be hot at the clubs all weekend long!  The new releases are simply the best way to change things up in your workouts!  Tons of fun, multiple instructors, new moves and new music will all