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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the Global Fitness Center Blog!  We will be loading this page on a regular basis to let you know all about happenings at the clubs, new equipment and programs and what I am most excited about...training information!  We will be posting all kinds of exercise information with workouts, exercise videos and member stories about the amazing successes our members have at Global Fitness Centers!

Please let us know if there is any type of information you would like to see more of, or if you have any training questions you would like answered, let us know on the contact us page.  

Labor Day Hours

 Labor  Day Weekend Hours

Saturday, September 3rd

7am to 7 pm

 Normal Class Schedule

Sunday, September 4th

7am to 7 pm (Leominster)

7am to 7 pm (Fitchburg)

Normal Morning Class Schedule


                                        Monday, September 5th

7am to 3pm (Leominster)                                7am to 3 pm (Fitchburg)

            9:15am FIGHT                                          9:15am BLAST

            9:15am RIDE

          10:30am POWER                  

No Childwatch

Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Memorial Day Hours

Hey members!

It is the official start of the summer this weekend!  Here are the hours for Global Fitness Centers, Leominster and Fitchburg.

Please note that we are offering use of BOTH locations all weekend regardless of your membership type so you can get your workout in as conveniently as possible!

Saturday, May 28th

7am-7pm   Normal Class Schedules

Sunday, May 29th

7am to 7pm (Leominster)

7am to 1pm (Fitchburg)

Normal MORNING Class Schedule

Monday, May 30th Memorial Day

7am to 3pm (Leominster)

7am to 12pm (Fitchburg)

Normal Morning Schedules & NO ChildWatch

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Hello Spring!!!

Hey Members!

Launch Weekend has arrived and it is going to be hot at the clubs all weekend long!  The new releases are simply the best way to change things up in your workouts!  Tons of fun, multiple instructors, new moves and new music will all combine to make this weekend amazing!  Here is the schedule of events for each club:



   Friday, April 29th 

   4:30pm  Group Groove

Saturday, April 30
8:00am - Blast - Julie, Robin, Kerwin
8:30am- R30 - Roger, Michelle
9:15am - Power - Erin, Mandy
9:15am - Zumba - Sami
10:30am - Fight - Jav, Andrew, Stephanie

Sunday, May 1
8:00 am - Core -  Mandy, Julie
8:30am - Zumba -  Andrea
9:30 - Centergy Clinic - Jenna, Joanne, Jocelyn
10:30am - Centergy - Jocelyn, Joanne

Saturday, April 30
8:30am - Core - Kristen, Sophia
9:15am - Centergy - Brittany, Jenna

Sunday, May 1
8:00 am - Power - Jessica, Kristen
9:15am - Fight - Kelsey, Avery
9:15am - Ride - Sophia, Dore



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Holiday Hours

We are just about completed our Season of Giving and the food donations and toy donations were the biggest ever!  Even the last minute toy donations over the past couple of days have been donated locally to over 300 kids in the Leominster and Fitchburg area!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all our wonderful members!

Thursday, December 24

5am - 5pm  No Childwatch or PM Group Fitness Classes

Friday, December 25th

7am - 12pm (Leominster only, Fitchburg is closed)  No Classes

Saturday, December 26th

7am - 7pm Normal Class Schedules at Leominster and Fitchburg

Merry Christmas!

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Classes for a Cure Launch Weekend

Hey Members and Friends!

It's Launch Time again and all our programs will be brand new!  Nobody make getting in shape more fun than Global Fitness Center with our world famous programs!  If your sick of running on a boring treadmill or being on an elliptical for mind-numbing sessions, try Group Fight, Group Ride or Group Blast and get a cardio workout that is off the charts effective and fun!  If your sick of counting sets and reps or aren't doing any strength training, add Group Power to your routine!  Functional movements set to amazing music will change the way you look at strength training!  Not stretching enough (and who exactly is) add Group Centergy even once per week!  Flexibility and mobility increases will have you feeling better and more relaxed in no time!

This launch is also our Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Launch so it is extra special!  There will be a voluntary donation of $10 for the event and your entire donation will go to the Cup Crusaders who do incredible fundraising for Breast Cancer Research!  Just for donating, you will be entered into our FREE 1 Year Membership Drawing that includes 1 year FREE of FIT-traxx or MAX-traxx!  There's also more raffles, refreshments and tons of fun!  Non Members are welcome to attend all classes for a $10 donation so bring a friend to the MOST EXCITING LAUNCHES EVER!

Launch Schedule (All Launch Classes in Leominster.  All Fitchburg classes cancelled)

Friday, October 23rd

4:30pm Group Groove w/Jackie and Tiffany

Saturday, October 24th

8:00am Group Blast w/Tiffany, Jackie and Julie

8:30am R30 w/Roger and Michelle

9:15am  Group Power w/Mandy, Leah & Hannah

10:30am  Group Fight w/Norma, Andrew & John (not a typo!)

Sunday, October 25th

8:30am  Group Core w/ Julie & Mandy (in the big room!)

9:15am Zumba w/Sami & Andrea (the dance-off is ON!)

9:15am  Group Ride w/Roger & Christine

10:30am  Group Centergy w/Joanne, Sarah & Jocelyn 

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Labor Day Hours

Saturday, September 5th

7:00am to 7:00pm

Normal Class Schedule including FIT-traxx and MAX-traxx


Sunday, September 6th

7:00am to 7:00pm

Normal Class Schedule


Monday, September 7th

7:00am to 7:00pm

Normal Classes during open hours

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How To Commit To Your Exercise Plan

How To Commit To Your Exercise Plan

Fall is quickly approaching and maybe the summer was too busy to exercise as much as you wanted.  Fall is such a great time to re-commit to getting in shape or trying something new in your exercise regiment.

Have you decided to start exercising as part of a healthy lifestyle plan, or to lose weight and tone your body? Good for you! Exercise certainly has a lot of benefits, and even as little as 30 minutes a day can make a world of difference to your health. However, you may be struggling to get up and actually get moving on a daily basis, because of the fact that you are used to a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you commit to your exercise plan and make working out a habit in the long run.

1) Make exercise a part of your schedule. This means actually scheduling workout time in your schedule. If you decide that you are going to work out at 6 p.m today after work, then go ahead and write that down or put a reminder right in your phone. Do this everyday that you plan on exercising.

2) Be prepared for the workout session. If you plan to head to the gym right after work, then be sure that you bring along the right attire and necessities such as towels, soap if you are planning to take a shower, and so on, so that you don’t have to run home to get these things and have an excuse to not follow through with your plan.

3) Follow through with your exercise plan at any cost. Don’t make excuses as to why you shouldn’t exercise today; instead, make excuses as to why you should. Keep your goal, whatever it is, in mind at all times, especially when you feel lazy. 

4) Use other techniques of motivation to keep your exercise fire burning. For example, if you want to be a few dress sizes smaller, then hang a dress of the size you want to be in somewhere in your bedroom in clear view. This will motivate you the moment you wake up to keep to your exercise goals for the day. If being healthy is your goal, then do some reading about the health risks of staying at your current weight, and maybe even write these on a post it note to remind you why you should exercise.  Put this new information on the bathroom mirror so you have to see it every day as a reminder.

5) If you are a busy person, you have to learn to prioritize your exercise sessions over other activities. Instead of spending an hour drinking with your colleagues after work, be sure to use that hour to work out instead. If you really don’t have much time, remember that a workout does not have to be one long session. It can be four or five workouts of 10 minutes each, thrown in throughout the day. Each session can consist of activities as simple as walking up and down the flight of stairs at your office, walking to a restaurant that is more of a distance away during your lunch break, and so on.

By implementing the tips above, you will be on the right track towards committing to your exercise plan. Good luck and stay moving!  If you have any questions or really want to get results the fastest, get down to Global Fitness and take a class, hire a trainer or both!  We can help!

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Group Exercise Classes have been proven to be one of the MOST effective ways to get in shape!  And NOBODY is better than Global Fitness Centers at Group!

And what could be better than our World Famous Group Exercise Classes...outside (in the shade, of course)!

Please come join us for the best releases ever and get some new moves and some new results and bring a friend or loved one for FREE that has never experiences the power of "group therapy - Global Fitness Style".  Our launch schedule is:

Global Fitness, Fitchburg - All Classes are Outdoors!

Saturday, August 1st

8:00am      Group Ride w/Michelle & Dore

9:15am      Group Kick w/Paula G. & Jav

10:30am    Group Groove w/Laura N. & Melanie

9:15am     Zumba w/Sammie in the Large Group Fitness Room in Leominster 

If it rains on Saturday, all Launch Classes other than Group Ride will Move to LEOMINSTER LARGE GROUP FITNESS ROOM!!!


Global Fitness, Leominster - All Classes are Indoors

Sunday, August 2nd

8:00am      Group Blast w/Julie & Robin

8:30am      R30 w/Natalie & Roger

9:15am      Group Power w/Jessica & Erin

9:15am      Group Core w/Barbara & Mandy

10:30am    Group Centergy w/Jenna & Sarah

9:15am     Zumba w/Sammie in FITCHBURG

Tons of Prizes, Refreshments and Fun! Pick up a 14-day Free Membership for a friend and bring them along to be part of the fun!  You can win Red Sox Tix!

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July 4th Hours

July 4th Holiday Hours
  Happy Birthday USA! Here is the schedule for the clubs this coming holiday weekend!  Please check and Like the the FIT-traxx and MAX-traxx Facebook pages for those programs schedule.

Friday, July 3rd

5:00am to 6:00pm (Leominster & Fitchburg)

Normal  morning class schedule (both clubs) and childcare (Leom.)

ALL PM classes and childcare are cancelled

Saturday, July 4th


7:00am to 3:00pm

Normal class schedule, ChildWatch CLOSED


CLOSED due to the city parade 

FIT-traxx Facebook Page Link


MAX-traxx Facebook Page Link


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What is The "Right" Number of Reps?

Hey Members and Friends!

Thought we would post a workout related article for our latest blog post with a promise of many more.  As a fitness professional and health club owner, I encounter hundreds of members each and every day.  One of the questions you will always hear me ask is "How are your workouts going?"  Most of the time I find that many members, new and experienced are NOT satisfied with their current results but are so hesitant to make a change thinking that they will get even less results if they change something

On the other side of the coin, I hear members that do finally read an article or listen to someone they know about making a change to their workout.  What unfortunately happens is they think that whatever "new thing" they are doing is now the greatest thing since sliced bread and they beat the "new thing" to death and wonder why it stops working after a while.  Here is the honest answer...it probably wasn't what the new thing is that created the change but the fact that you changed SOMETHING!  Then it happens...your amazing body actually adapts to the "new thing", gets more efficient and then unless you change the "new thing" into some other new thing, results slow down to a crawl or even non-existent.

This brings me to the title of this post;  The Right Number of Reps!  What is the right number of reps to do?  The honest answer is...there is no "right" number of reps.  All reps schemes are productive as long as there is one VERY important element...maximum effort by the time you reach that number.  Current research is showing that even high repetition workouts can still produce very good results as long as you get to what is known as Momentary Muscular Failure which simply means that you can't do another rep or get very close to not being able to.

How do you strategize this new info into your workouts? There is a bunch of different ways to incorporate this info.  You can do the same workout as always and take one week and do all the same exercises but lighten the weight you you approach failure at say 15-18 reps instead of what you are doing currently.  If you typically do higher rep work, add some resistance and hit failure at a lower number like 8-10 reps.  Notice that I always recommend a rep range rather than an absolute number (4-6, 8-10, 10-12, 13-15, 15-18, etc).  If you are trying heavier weights, please ensure you properly warm-up with a couple of lighter sets.

Another important element that I love about this study of higher reps producing great results, it tells us that programs like Group Power are extremely beneficial for producing results.  Hopefully this adds a new element to your workouts.  Let us know if you have questions that you would like to see answered in our blog. 

Source: Burd, N.A. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, published online April 26, 2012.

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Win a 2 Year Membership for working out!

The Biggest Mover is Back and You can Win a FREE 2-Year Membership!

Imagine NOT paying for your membership for the next 2 year! With the Biggest Mover Contest happening, it can be a reality!  It's simple, grab a Biggest Mover Punch Card next time your in the club. Take any group fitness class and get your card punched by the instructor. Once you have 5 punches, turn your card in at the Member Service Desk as your entry to win a 2-Year Membership!  There's no limit to the number of entries.

**Bonus**  All 5:30am Classes and All Group Core Classes get DOUBLE punches!

Don't do group fitness?  Grab a special 14-Day Anniversary Pass for a friend or family member.  If your pass is activated your name will go in for the membership!  If your guest joins on a membership, you'll get another entry!

Throughout this promotion we will be drawing random entries for prizes including FREE FIT-traxx, MAX-traxx and other prizes!

 Global Memberships Now Include FREE Tanning

Global Fitness is always trying to add more value to our memberships with new equipment and services. With that in mind, starting immediately, all our memberships for our members over 18years of age now include tanning!  Stop by the Member Service Desk for more details how to take advantage of the is valuable membership add-on!

All Classes Cancelled In FITCHBURG May 15th, 16th & 17th for Instructor Training

Global Fitness, Fitchburg will be hosting an instructor certification this weekend.  Please come use our Leominster location for your classes.  Group Ride will be the normal schedule all weekend at both clubs.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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September 2, 2016
 Labor  Day Weekend Hours Saturday, September 3rd 7am to 7 pm  Normal Class Schedule Sunday, September 4th 7am to 7 pm (Leominster) 7am to 7 pm (Fitchburg) Normal Morning Class Schedule  
May 27, 2016
Hey members! It is the official start of the summer this weekend!  Here are the hours for Global Fitness Centers, Leominster and Fitchburg. Please note that we are offering use of BOTH locations all weekend regardless of your membership type
April 28, 2016
Hey Members! Launch Weekend has arrived and it is going to be hot at the clubs all weekend long!  The new releases are simply the best way to change things up in your workouts!  Tons of fun, multiple instructors, new moves and new music will all